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Complete bike tune that includes:
- Spotless bike wash
- Drivetrain degreasing
- Front and rear shift/brake adjustment
- Wheel true and rounding
- Hub adjustment
- Bottom Bracket adjustment
- Headset adjustment
- Bolt check


Service Course Tune


Service Course Rebuild

Includes a service course tune with the addition of:
- Cable and cable housing replacement 
- Brake line flush, fluid refill, and bleed 
- Bottom bracket replacement*
- Headset overhaul
- Chain and cassette replacement*
- Handlebar grip/tape replacement*

*Service upon inspection or request

Pre-race inspection that includes:

- Spotless bike wash

- Drivetrain degreasing

- Front and rear brake adjustment

- Bolt check

- Race wheel installation

- Race gearing installation and shifting adjustment


Pre-race Checkup


Custom Wheel Building/Tubeless Setup


Shockwiz Rentals

Custom wheel builds can support your choice of rims, hubs, spokes, and nipples.

Tubeless setup includes:

- Taping rims

- Air valve installation

- Tire and sealant with air tight seating

Do you ever wonder about how much air pressure to use in your air suspension? Let the Quarq Shockwiz take all of the guess work out of your suspension set up. Ideal for new bikes or your current bike.

Got a project in mind?  Builds can be customized to accommodate equipment, bike fit, and cockpit preferences.
Build types include:
- Road
- Triathlon/Time Trial
- Track
- Gravel
- Cyclocross
- Mountain


Custom Bike Builds



Athlete Support

After 8 years of providing mechanic service to professional athletes, supporting athletes for race day is a speciality of mine.  I can provide athlete support for all types of bike racing and devote myself 100% to making sure athletes are prepared for their race.  Athlete support covers everything from bike shipping and tune-ups, to getting soaked in the rain at Cyclocross races washing off mud splattered bikes.  

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